hair goals forever X

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Nobody said it was easy ..

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Tara:We can be strong.
Willow:Strong like an Amazon?
Tara:Strong like an Amazon, right.

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Lay me down in darkness tell me what you see

mirrorverse spock inspired by this post because i can’t stop thinking about it

it is known that vulcan has no moon—no distant, orbital mass reflecting the light of suns and stars while emitting none of its own. and they say that the planet absorbs—no, swallows—no, devours—that light too swiftly, and with too total a hunger, for any moon to survive. 

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make me choose
     ↳ alexisdenisof asked: spike or angel?

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Don’t mess with Apartment 4D

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in which a gay cover of one of america’s most quintessential modern american love songs is a thing that exists

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Elie Saab at Couture Spring 2012

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Vase of Flowers and Conch Shell (detail), Anne Vallayer-Coster.

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Winston, you’ve been staring at this girl for 5 minutes. Please tell me you’re checking her out, otherwise you’re a serial killer, which would explain a lot.

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a lot a lot of people asked for more modern avatar after this post, so here’s a bunch of scraps that i cleaned up, this time featuring SukI! I originally had a like, five panel comic planned out to explain that little zuko/katara scene at the bottom but idk if you guys know this about me but i’m rly lazy so inevitably that didn’t happen

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i had more than a few requests for these two so here’s some dumb undead babies smoochin’ in snowy christmas sweaters because it’s only september but apparently i’m already excited for the holiday season 

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Harry Potter Film Concept Art by Adam Brockbank (x)

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